European Carnival Youth

Europese Carnavals Joegd - Jeunesse Européenne de Carnaval - Närrische Europäische Jugend - Gioventú europeo carnevalesco

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Regulation of European Carnival Youth

§ 1 Name and Location of the organization

(1) The Youth organization of European Carnival Union is named European Carnival Youth, in following text named as NEG-Youth.
In the different languages it is used as:

  • Europese Carnavals Jeugd (dutch)
  • European Carnival Youth (english)
  • Jeunesse Européenne de Carnaval et Festivités (french)
  • Gioventù europeo carnevalesco (italian)

(2) Location of NEG-Youth is Kitzingen am Main/Deutschland.

§ 2 Membership

(1) Members of NEG-Youth are children, and younger people till the age of 27, that are associated in the member-organizations of NEG-Youth. The Youth-departments of these member-organizations need to elect representatives. The NEG-Youth is self-administrated, but following the regulation of NEG. The NEG sets a budget and NEG-Youth could work with that in own order.

§ 3 Aim and principles

(1) The NEG-Youth is supporting all parts of youth-work within and about carnival, “Fastnacht” and Customs. It takes over coordination-, innovation and principal tasks in the youth-work of the Member-organizations. It considers in its work specially the task as Youth-organization in fact of laws for helping children and younger people (Kinder-und Jugendhilfegesetze) of the different member-nations.
(2) The NEG-Youth is representing the interests of its member-organizations on European level and helps to force problems, ideas and needs of all young people in carnivalistic work. It works youth- and common political. The NEG-Youth wants to help to develop, promote and support the personality of young people and their social behave and engagement.
(3) The NEG-Youth wants to help to connect people and nations in order of cultural thinking, with the help of educational work, encounter and to support the European connection process also as tolerance to the in- and outside.
(4) The NEG-Youth wants to develop cultural, sportive and common forms of youth-work and education, together with its member-organizations, through child- and youth-education in carnivalistic work and to contribute common and youth politic.
(5) The NEG-Youth stands as liberal-democratic and forces participation, formation and responsibility of young people.
(6) The NEG-Youth is free from politically opinions of parties. It stands for human rights, religious- and common tolerance.
(7) The NEG-Youth stands also for the principles of gender-mainstreaming and forces the equality of man and woman.

§ 4 Benefit to the public

(1) The NEG-Youth doesn`t force profit and doesn`t aim profitable purpose for itself in first role. The resources of NEG-Youth are just useable for purpose according to the regulation of NEG-Youth. Members doesn`t gain profit or any other benefit from their positions. The NEG-Youth works selflessly.
(2) Nobody could gain favors through costs that`s not according to the regulation of NEG-Youth, or disproportionate repayment of expenses.
(3) The NEG-Youth forces exclusively and directly non-profitable and charitable purposes as defined in „Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke“ of the “Abgabenordnung durch die Förderung der Jugend und Kulturarbeit in Europa“.

§ 5 Membership fee

(1) No membership-fee is required.

§ 6 Structure

(1) The NEG-Youth consist of its member-organizations and is structured through the respective Youth-leaders.

§ 7 Departments of the youth-organizations

(1) The departments of NEG-Youth are:
a.) the NEG-Youth-Meeting
b.) the NEG-Youth-leadership
(2) A meeting is able to decide in fact of properly invitation (§ 8 Abs. 3) if, at least three delegates are present. A single majority decides. In fact of election applies, elected is, who gained the more on votes. A protocol is needed for every meeting.

§ 8 Meeting of the NEG-Youth

(1) A proper NEG-Youth-meeting takes part one time in one year and at least eight weeks before the NEG-meeting. The youth-leader, or in case of preventation its substitute, are inviting for this and take the leading role.
(2) (2) The youth-leader or in case of property his substitute could also invite for special meetings, if at least 1/3 of the members require that in written form with reasons.
(3) (3) The invitation takes part with presentation of the agenda under comply with a time of four weeks and in written form.
(4) The NEG-Youth-meeting is set together from two delegates of each member-nation.
(5) Able to vote are the delegates of each nation. Every nation has 2 votes and the members of NEG-Youth-leadership with one vote. Collecting, or giving away votes is not able.
(6) Applications to the NEG-youth-meeting need to be given in to the Youth-leadership in written form and at least 14 Days before taking part. Urgent applies could be given in if 2/3 of the NEG-Youth-meeting vote for it. Urgent applies for changing the regulation are not able.
(7) A right for an Application has every youth-leader of the member-organizations, the members of NEG-Youth-leadership and the members NEG-committee.
(8) Resolutions that need a change in the regulation of NEG-Youth and regulations for disabling the NEG-Youth do always need 2/3 votes of all taking-part and able-to-vote members.
(9) The NEG-Youth-meeting is able to decide in all orders of NEG-Youth, if they`re don`t organized by other departments. The NEG-Youth-meeting is especially responsible for:
a.) taking over the report for the year of NEG-Youth-leadership.
b.) setting free the NEG-Youth-leadership.
c.) to decide about using financial budget of NEG-Youth.
d.) to elect the members of NEG-Youth-Leadership.
e.) take-over and change the regulation of NEG-Youth.
f.) to set principals of youth-work and projects of NEG-Youth-meeting (Richtlinienkompetenz).
g.) desicions and applies.
h.) election of two Cash-checkers.

§ 9 NEG-Youth-Leadership

(1) (1) The NEG-Youth-leadership is formed by:
a.) NEG-youth-leader
b.) one substitute of each member-nation
c.) Cashier
d.) Writer
e.) up to 3 co-assessors
(2) The members are elected for three years. The election needs to take part in the same year as the election of NEG-committee.
(3) If one member needs to pass earlier, the NEG-youth-leadership could set an alternative member for the rest of the election-period.
(4) The NEG-Youth-leadership solves its tasks in order to this regulation and the principals of the NEG-Youth-meeting. The NEG-Youth-leader represents the interests of the NEG-youth-meeting also to the committee of NEG with seat and vote.
(5) Meetings of NEG-youth-leadership are reasonable, but at least one time a year. The youth-leader or its substitute in case of prevention invites for these meetings and leads it.
(6) The NEG-youth-leadership is responsible for all matters of NEG-Youth, that`s not dedicated to other departments of NEG-Youth. Specially the following tasks:
a.) prepare the NEG-youth-meeting and create a agenda
b.) execution of resolutions from the NEG-youth-meeting
c.) Preparation of a year-budget and creation of a report
d.) maintaining and organization of the association-life
(7) (7) The committee in order to § 26 BGB are the NEG-youth-leader and the NEG-youth-leadership. Each of them is able to substitute.

§ 10 Rules of procedure

(1) (1) The NEG-Youth sets a regulation for procedural issues, that`s established by the NEG-youth-leadership.

§ 11 Cash-checkers

(1) The cash-checkers are elected together with NEG-youth-leadership for a period of three years. They cannot be members of NEG-youth-leadership during this time.
(2) The main tasks of cash-checkers are:
a.) to check the payments of NEG-youth for calculative and reasonable correctness
b.) to create and submit a cash-check-report
to maybe propose relief of the NEG-Youth-leadership

§ 12 Liquidation of NEG-youth

(1) In case of liquidation of NEG-Youth through two liquidators that are elected by the NEG-youth-meeting, that faces liquidation.
(2) The existing financial resources will be given to the „Stiftung Kulturzentrum Fasching - Fastnacht - Karneval“, that`s using it for charitable purpose.

This regulation got fixed in the foundation-meeting of the NEG-Youth, 29th of June 2013 in Würzburg.
Confirmed through the committee of NEG at xx.xx.xxxx

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